Bank Anelik improved terms of its “Simple-Fast” card loan

10.10.2013 13:30
Bank Anelik improved terms of its “Simple-Fast” card loan

YEREVAN, October 10. /ARKA/. Bank Anelik has improved terms of its “Simple-Fast” card loan, i.e. has reduced the interest rate and extended the list of its branches giving out the loan, the bank’s press office reported.

From now on these loans will be extended for 5 years worth up to 6 million drams, with interest rate at 21.8% instead of the previous 23.9%.

The “Simple-Fast” loans in foreign currency will be provided for 6 years worth a maximum of equivalent of 8 million drams. The annual interest rate will be 16.8% compared to the previous 18.9% for dollar loans and 15.8% instead of the previous 16.9% for loans in euros.

The “Simple-Fast” loans are given out both in Yerevan and in regional branches of the bank against property, for any purpose. The loan decision is made within 18 hours.

Marketing studies by the bank show clients mainly complain about huge volume of documents required for a loan application and long duration of the process, chairman of Bank Anelik board Nerses Karamanukyan said.

The “Simple-Fast” loans are provided in short terms with no statement about profit required, but only against property, he said.

Karamanukyan also said Bank Anelik will continue diversifying its services.

“I am confident soon every client will be able to find a loan meeting his needs in Bank Anelik”, he said.

Bank Anelik was established on July 9, 1990, and registered on October 1, 1991. In October 1996, the bank received its license from the Central Bank of Armenia. One of the leading Lebanses banks, CreditBank S.A.L., purchased 51% of the bank’s shares and became its principle stockholder in July 2009. In 2012 the shares of the CreditBank S.A.L. went up to 89.95%. In 2013 the CreditBank S.A.L. consolidated 100% of the Bank Anelik’s shares. ($1=406.20drams). -0-

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