Anelik Bank cuts interests on Festive loan

23.10.2013 20:01
Anelik Bank cuts interests on Festive loan

YEREVAN, October 23. / ARKA /. Armenia-based Anelik Bank said today it has cut the interest rates on a loan, designed for individual clients wishing to borrow money to cover consumer needs, including the costs of festivities and other festive events. The loan called ‘Festive’ was introduced by the bank in April this year.

To get a loan, a client is required to provide a document certifying the amount of his/her income. The interest rate on the loan if it is provided in the Armenian national currency, the dram, was cut by 2.5-3 percent 18.8 percent and if its is provided in USD the interest rate was by 1.5-2 percent to 14.8 percent, according to first deputy chairman of the Bank Karen Janinyan.

According to Janinyan, the loan is available at all branches of the bank. Its payment term is up to 10 years, the maximum amount is 20 million drams, or the equivalent in foreign currency.

In addition, the Bank offers MasterCard Gold or VISA GOLD banking cards to borrows of the loan to enjoy a set of discounts not only in Armenia but also outside it.

Anelik Bank is fully owned by Lebanese CreditBank SAL. As of September 30, its assets stood at 60.7 billion drams (a decline of 5 percent from the beginning of the year), liabilities stood at 47.3 billion drams (a decline of 4.29 %) and capital at about 13.4 billion drams (a decline of 7.87 %). ($ 1 - 405.71 drams).  -0-

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