Anelik Bank cuts commissions for money transfers

01.11.2013 19:40
Anelik Bank cuts commissions for money transfers

YEREVAN, November 1. / ARKA /. Armenia-based nelik Bank has lowered commissions for money transfers in U.S. dollars, euros and Russian rubles made through Anelik system 2-3 times - from  2-3% to 0.5-0.9%, depending on the currency.

The special offer is effective from November 1 until March 1, 2014, the bank told ARKA.

Anelik Bank  CEO, Nerses Karamnukyan , was quoted as saying in a press release that Anelik  money transfer system, the first in Armenia,  has been operating for 15 years in 100 countries.

"I am confident that such a drastic reduction of commission will help popularize Anelik system both in Armenia and beyond it ,"  he said.

Anelik Bank was established in 1990. It is now owned fully by Lebanese Credit Bank SAL. -0-

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