Loan investments by Armenian banks surged 5.3% to AMD 1 605.5 bln in September

06.11.2013 14:23
Loan investments by Armenian banks surged 5.3% to AMD 1 605.5 bln in September

YEREVAN, November 6. /ARKA/. Armenian commercial banks’ aggregate portfolio of loans extended to residents has grown 5.3% since the beginning of this year to AMD 1,605.5 billion in late September.

According to the central bank’s official website, loans extended to residents in drams totaled over AMD 584.7 billion in September, an increase of 8.5% against January; loans to residents in foreign currencies grew 3.4% to about AMD 1,020.8 billion.

According to the source, lending to industry dominated in the banks’ aggregate loan portfolio in September – its share was 21.6%. Banks’ outstanding loans to industrial enterprises totaled about AMD 347.3 billion in September showing 8.9% decline compared with January.

Trade lending is the second with a 21.3-percent share in overall loan portfolio in September.

Trade lending amounted to AMD 341.9 billion in September showing 7.4% growth, compared with January.

Consumer lending comes the next: it amounted to AMD 340.6 billion – 21.2% and 13.4% growth respectively.

Banks’ mortgage loan portfolio grew 9.5% to AMD 138.8 billion, lending to construction rose by 3% to AMD 103.2 billion and banks’ lending to agriculture grew 6.9% to AMD 98.5 billion.

Lending to the services sector grew 5.6% to AMD 89.6 billion, to transport and communication services 2.9% to AMD 40.3 billion and to other segments of the national economy by 26.9% to AMD 105 billion.

Twenty one commercial banks functioned in Armenia in September 2013. ($1 – AMD 405.77). –0--

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