Top ten highest salary paying Armenian banks

28.11.2013 16:37
Top ten highest salary paying Armenian banks

YEREVAN, November 28. / ARKA /. ARKA news agency has compiled the rating of ten Armenian banks with highest salaries in the third quarter of 2013. The list includes HSBC Bank Armenia, ACBA -CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, Armswissbank, Areximbank - Gazprombank Group, Byblos Bank Armenia, Ameriabank, Armenian Development Bank, ProCredit Bank, Conversebank and Inecobank .

According to the ranking, the average salary of 11,442 employees hired by 20 local banks in the third quarter amounted to 336,112 drams. One bank did not provide relating information. The number of bank employees was up from 10,884 in the third quarter of 2012.

According to the ranking, the average salary of ten top banks in the third quarter was 419,030 against 352,704 in the same time span last year. The increase was 18.8%.

The leading bank by size of salary was again HSBC Bank Armenia with average salary of 638,000 drams, a 2.7% year-on-year rise, while the number of its employees decreased from 389 people to 380 people.

The second was ACBA -CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK -506,000 drams. It personnel, the third largest in the banking system, grew to 1,062 from 1,036.

The third was Armswissbank with an average salary of 497,000 drams, a 28.7 percent year-on-year rise. The number of staff -98 people – did not change.

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group was fourth with 424,000 salary, up from 284,000 drams from the year earlier. The personnel number fell from 469 to 441 people.

The fifth was Byblos Bank Armenia - 420,000 drams (a decline of 3.2%). The bank’s staff increased from 94 to 97 people.

The sixth was Ameriabank -389,000 drams (a growth of 5.9 %). The number of employees grew from 471 to 534 people.

The Armenian Development Bank was ranked seventh with a salary of 357,000 drams (up 10.5%). The number of employees increased from the 182 to 202 people.

The eighth was ProCredit Bank with a salary of 326,800 drams (an 18.8% growth). Its staff increased from 346 to 374 people.

The ninth was Conversebank with average salary of 327,000 drams, an increase of 3.1%, while its staff grew from 610 to 756 people.

Inecobank was tenth with average salary of 305,000 drams (a growth of 14.2 %). The staff of the bank increased from 520 to 579 people.

The ranking was compiled based on the banks’ quarterly reports, as well as on data provided on request of ARKA" . ($ 1 - 404 drams). -0-

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