Anelik Bank to offer new type of agriculture lending

29.11.2013 18:33
Anelik Bank to offer new type of agriculture lending

YEREVAN, November 29. / ARKA /. Armenia-based Anelik Bank said beginning from December 2 it will offer a new type of lending designed for large, small and medium-sized agribusinesses.

‘In order to ensure greater availability of loans the bank will offer lending secured by homes, guarantee and gold,’ Anelik Bank said in a press release sent to ARKA news agency.

The largest amount of lending in the national currency is 20 million drams, in USD dollars - $100,000, repayable in seven years.

According to the press release, gold-secured loans are provided without commission and at a very affordable interest rate.

"Agriculture is an important sector of the Armenian economy and Anelik Bank does everything to help boost it," the first deputy chairman of the bank, Karen Janinyan, was quoted as saying.
Anelik Bank founded in 1990 is now fully owned by Lebanese CreditBank SAL. -0-

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