Armenia-based banks pay 37.7 billion drams in various taxes in 4th quarter of 2013 -SRC

30.01.2014 15:39
Armenia-based banks pay 37.7 billion drams in various taxes in 4th quarter of 2013 -SRC

YEREVAN, January 30. / ARKA /. All 21 Armenia-based commercial banks appeared to be in the list of the 1000 largest taxpayers in the fourth quarter of 2013, paying a total of 37.7 billion drams in various taxes, the State Revenue Committee (SRC) said in a statement posted on its official website.

The SCR said of that amount more than 37. 5 billion drams were collected by tax authorities and some 170.5 million by customs authorities.

Some 35 billion drams of the overall amount were said to be direct taxes (income and profit taxes), indirect taxes accounted for approximately 2 billion drams (including VAT and excise tax), and another 569.6 million drams were collected as dues and compulsory payments.

Overall, the banks accounted for 5.6% of the total amount of taxes paid during that period by the 1000 largest taxpayers.

The largest amount of taxes was paid by VTB Bank (Armenia) -about 4.7 billion drams. It was 19th in the list of 1000 largest taxpayers.  HSBC Bank Armenia paid about 4.3 billion drams  (21st position), ACBA -CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK paid about 3.9 billion drams  (25th place) , Ardshininvestbank was said to have paid more than 3.4 billion drams  (36th place) and Ameriabank paid about 3 billion drams  (38th place) .

Unibank that paid about 2.9 billion drams was 40th , Araratbank paid about 2.1 billion drams  (47th) , Inecobank paid more than 2 billion drams (49th) , Armbusinessbank paid about 1.67 billion drams  (60th place) , Areximbank-Gazprombank Group paid about 1.65 billion drams  (63rd place) and Conversebank paid about 1.4 billion drams  (78th ) .

In general, the 1000 largest taxpayers paid 665 billion drams in various taxes in the fourth quarter of 2013, up from 558.5 billion drams paid in the last quarter of 2012. ($ 1 - 409.03 drams). -0-

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