Membership in Customs Union very important for Armenia

07.02.2014 20:15
Membership in Customs Union very important for Armenia

YEREVAN, February 7. /ARKA/. Membership in the Customs Union is very important for Armenia, Finance Minister David Sargsyan said Friday in Tsakhkadzor at a conference “Armenian Capital Market: New Opportunities and Challenges”.

«Membership in the Customs Union will be very important to us since our companies will get free access to a larger than 180-million market,» he said.

He said that Armenia will also continue cooperating with the European Union in implementation of the planned reforms.

In early September, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, made a joint statement, according to which Armenia has decided to join the Customs Union and to take part in formation of the Eurasian Union in the future. ---0----

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