Bank Anelik launches new “Simple-Quick” card loan

25.02.2014 15:36
Bank Anelik launches new “Simple-Quick” card loan

YEREVAN, February 25. /ARKA/. Bank Anelik is offering a new “Simple-Quick” card loan to its customers as part of its policy to speed up and simplify the lending process, the bank’s press office said.

Maximum size of the loan is 300,000 drams in local currency and $1,200 in foreign currency. No earnings certificate is needed for getting the loan, according to the report.

This unsecured loan is extended to clients with positive credit history. The new service is offered after the bank listened to clients’ needs and requirements, vice chairman of Bank Anelik Bank board and head of retail transactions Vardan Gevorgyan said.

The bank will be guided by “Simple-Quick” principle in offering services to population, according to Gevorgyan.

The press office also said the bank will continue simplifying the lending process and making loan terms more accessible to clients.

Bank Anelik was established on July 9, 1990, and got registered on October 1, 1991.

In October 1996, the bank received its license from the Central Bank of Armenia.

Back in July 2009 CreditBank S.A.L., one of the leading Lebanese banks, obtained 51% of Bank Anelik’s shares. CreditBank S.A.L. increased its share to 89.95% in 2012 and consolidated 100% of Bank Anelik’s shares in 2013.–0--

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