ARKA News Agency releases press rating of Armenia’s banks for Q1 2014

09.04.2014 15:43
ARKA News Agency releases press rating of Armenia’s banks for Q1 2014

YEREVAN, April 9. /ARKA/. ARKA News Agency has released its press rating of Armenian banks for the first quarter of 2014, with the following banks on the top: 1. Ameriabank 2. Bank VTB (Armenia), 3. Areximbank-Gazprombank Group, 4. Ardshininvestbank and 5. Bank Anelik.

The press rating covers only 10 out of 21 Armenia-based commercial banks.

Overall total index (OTI) of banks rose to 1,243.3 in the period against 717.8 in Q1 2013 (73.2% increase). At the same time, OTI dropped by 36.4% in the period compared to the fourth quarter of last year.

In Q1 2014, the OTI of the top five banks reached 1,048.2 versus 599.8 in Q1 2013 and 1,163.5 in Q4 2013. These top five banks accounted for 84.3% of the overall information during the period (84% in Q1 2013 and 59.5% in Q4 2013).

Ameriabank has maintained its leadership position in the press rating and accounted for 54.4% of all press reports in the quarter. Its OTI was 676.6 in the reporting quarter compared to 394.8 in Q1 2013 and 697.1 in Q4 2013.

Bank VTB (Armenia) is the second with its share in reports at 14.2%. The bank’s OTI was 176.8 in the period compared to 51.2 and 100 respectively.

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group is the third with 11.1% in press reports and OTI at 87.1 against 79.4 and 48.7 respectively, followed by Ardshininvestbank (share at 4.3%, OTI at 53.8 vs. 20.5 and 71.8) and Bank Anelik (4.3% and 53.8 against 35.9 and 246).

This press rating is based on the facts about banks’ performance reported by media. This means the higher actual awareness of bank’s performance is, the more efficient its communications policies are. No advertising information is considered in the press rating.

Please see the Press Rating of Banks #01 (17), Q1 2014 for more details.–0--

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