Anelik Bank joins TANDEM Transfer money transfer system

22.05.2014 13:29
Anelik Bank joins TANDEM Transfer money transfer system

YEREVAN, May 22. /ARKA/. Anelik Bank added another money transfer system, TANDEM Transfer, to its list, the bank’s press office reported on Thursday.

This system allows individuals receive and transfer money to destinations inside Armenia and abroad.
Transfers are operated in Armenian drams, U.S. dollars, euros and Russian rubles.

Vardan Gevorgyan, the bank’s director in charge of retail transactions, said the bank will always pay great attention to variety of its services to give its clients an opportunity for choosing among various services.

TANDEM Transfer system makes it possible to transfer money within a few seconds.
Anelik Bank offers also MONEYGRAM,  ANELIK,  INTELEXPRESS money transfer systems to its clients.

Anelik Bank CJSC was established on July 9, 1990 and registered on October 1, 1991.
In July 2009, Credit Bank S.A.L., one of Lebanon’s largest banks, bought 51% of Anelik Bank’s shares and became its general shareholder. In 2012, the share of CreditBank S.A.L. in Anelik Bank grew to 89.95%, and in 2013, it became the sole shareholder. -0---

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