Armenia’s monetary base fell by 3.1% in April

03.06.2014 12:13
Armenia’s monetary base fell by 3.1% in April

YEREVAN, June 3. /ARKA/. Armenia’s monetary base reduced by 3.1% in April compared to March to about 755.5 billion drams, ArmStat reported based on preliminary information from the Central Bank of Armenia.

Cash outside the Central Bank amounted to about 392.6 billion drams as of the end of April, compared to about 382.5 billion drams in March.

Mandatory reserves in drams totaled over 189.5 billion drams against over 182.16 billion at the end of March; those in foreign currencies exceeded 170.4 billion drams versus about 209.4 billion as of the end of March.

Net international reserves less money from privatization were over 504.9 billion by the end of February, a reduction of 7.3% compared with March.

Net internal assets totaled over 250.6 billion drams as compared to 234.8 billion drams at the end of March. ($1=413.49drams). –0--

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