Armenia’s Bank Anelik to join AVERS

04.07.2014 14:55
Armenia’s Bank Anelik to join AVERS

YEREVAN, July 4. /ARKA/.Bank Anelik will join AVERS international money transfer system on July 7, the bank’s press office reported.

The bank’s clients will be able to send and receive money through remittances to/from over 30 countries, in US dollars, Russian rubles and euros, at lower rates starting from 1%, according to the report.

The bank’s PR officer Astghik Martirosyan said the bank is expanding the list of its money transfer partner systems and joins AVERS now.

At the end of May the bank received a promising partner certificate from AVERS, which proves there is mutual trust between the bank and the money transfer system, she said.

The bank’s clients can make remittances through MONEYGRAM, ANELIK,  INTELEXPRESS and TANDEM as well.

Bank Anelik was established on July 9, 1990, and got registered on October 1, 1991. In October 1996, the bank received its license from the Central Bank of Armenia. Back in July 2009 CreditBank S.A.L., one of the leading Lebanese banks, obtained 51% of Bank Anelik’s shares. CreditBank S.A.L. increased its share to 89.95% in 2012 and consolidated 100% of Bank Anelik’s shares in 2013.–0–

The bank’s assets were 63.65 billion drams as of April 1, 2014; liabilities were 51.1bln drams, loan investments 42.8bln drams and capital was about 12.6bln drams. Net loss of the bank amounted to 503.3 million drams in the first quarter, which is an increase of 35.34% compared to Q1 2013. ($1=407.99drams). –0--

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