Armenian banks have over 2 million clients

06.08.2014 17:02
Armenian banks have over 2 million clients

YEREVAN, August 6. / ARKA /. In late May, 2014  the 21 Armenia-based commercial banks had a total of 2,047,046 clients, by 1.3% more from the previous month, according to the latest numbers, released today by the National Statistical Service.

The number of corporate clients stood at 76,117, and the number of individual clients at 1,970,929, while the overall number of bank accounts was 3,499,831, by 0.12% more than in the previous month.

Of that number 3,332,851 accounts were held by individual clients and 166,980 by corporate clients.

By the end of June 2014, individual saving deposits stood at about 844.3 billion drams, by 1.119 billion drams down from the previous month and 138.718 billion drams or 19.7% more from the year earlier. ($ 1 - 408.43 drams). -0 -

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