Armenian banks’ average return on assets index at 1.22% in Q2

26.08.2014 14:59
Armenian banks’ average return on assets index at 1.22% in Q2

YEREVAN, August 26. /ARKA/. Armenia-based commercial banks’ average return on assets (ROA) index, showing a company’s efficiency in making profits from its assets, was 1.22 in the second quarter of this year, as compared to 1.21% at the end of Q1, according to the findings of an analysis by ARKA news agency.

The leading bank in terms of ROA was ArmSwissbank, which posted a 3.35% ROA index in the reporting quarter, as compared to 3.87% in Q1.

The next in the top five list was Araratbank with 3.32% against 2.70%, followed by Inecobank  with 3.32% against 3.43%, HSBC Bank Armenia  with 2.74% against 3.02% and Prometey Bank with 2.14% against 2.33%.

The analysis shows also that the banks’ return on equity (ROE) in the second quarter was 7.43% compared to 7.45% in the quarter before.

In terms of ROE the leader was Araratbank with a 20.36% index (compared to 17.27% in Q1 2014), followed by Inecobank – 18.03% (against 18.61%), HSBC Bank Armenia – 15.95% (against 17.98%), Armbusinessbank – 15.93% (against 18.02%) and Ameriabank – 14.72% (against 14.91%).

A total of 21 commercial banks operated in Armenia as of the end of June this year. –0--

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