VTB Bank (Armenia) renovates classroom for Russian school in Armenia

01.09.2014 18:23
VTB Bank (Armenia) renovates classroom for Russian school in Armenia

YEREVAN, September 1. / ARKA /. Ahead of the new schooling year that begins in Armenia on September 1 the Russian-owned VTB Bank (Armenia) has renovated the mathematics classroom of a secondary school N21 in Yerevan which is run by the Russian defense ministry. The bank donated it also computer equipment and a multimedia projector.

The opening ceremony was attended by Russian ambassador to Armenia, Ivan Volynkin who thanked the bank and expressed hope that learning mathematics in the renovated classroom would be a pleasure.

VTB Bank (Armenia) CEO Yuri Gusev said that the bank had earlier donated computers and other equipment to computer science classroom and renovated Russian language classroom.

The secondary school N21 opened in Yerevan on September 1, 1994 by the Russian ministry of defense for children of Russian army officers stationed in Armenia.

VTB Bank (Armenia) is fully owned by Russian VTB Bank. It has the largest branch network in the country running 67 offices.

The bank's assets as of July 1, 2014 stood at 312.5 billion drams, liabilities – at 268.5 billion drams, credit investments – at 230.3 billion drams and its capital was worth about 44 billion drams. ($ 1 411.23 drams). -0

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