Anelik Bank joins Sigue Money Transfer system

02.09.2014 15:53
Anelik Bank joins Sigue Money Transfer system

YEREVAN, September 2. / ARKA /. Armenia-based Anelik Bank said today it has joined the Sigue Money Transfer system, formerly known as CoinStar.

The bank's customers in more than 100 countries will be able to send and receive remittances without account opening. The lowest commission is 1.3% of the remitted amount. Money transfers from Armenia may be made in US dollars and euros, and received also in Russian rubles.

Astkhik Martirosyan, a bank press officer, was quoted as saying in a press release that the bank's clients are actively using money transfer systems, and the bank is trying to provide them with the widest choice of services.

She said Sigue Money Transfer is the fourth money transfer system the bank has joined this year. The bank’s partners in this area are IntelExpres, Tandem Transfers, Avers, Anelik and MoneyGram "systems.

Anelik bank is owned fully by Lebanese CreditBank.  As of June 30 the bank's assets stood at 69.2 billion drams, a 15.3 percent surge from the beginning of the year. Its liabilities stood at 56.9 billion drams (a 21.3% rise), the capital was worth 12.3 billion drams (a decline of 6.2%) and its credit investments were 47 billion. drams (a 21.9% growth).  ($ 1 - 411.26 drams). -0

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