Study finds VTB Bank (Armenia) most recognizable in the country

02.09.2014 18:16
Study finds VTB Bank (Armenia) most recognizable in the country

YEREVAN, August 12. /ARKA/. A study conducted by the IPM Research in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan and four major cities found the Russia-owned VTB Bank (Armenia) to be the most recognizable bank across the country, the bank said in a press release today.

Some 1,200 people were surveyed. The respondents were asked questions regarding the so-called Top of Mind awareness, a brand or specific product coming first in customers' minds when thinking of a particular industry. The study also included other questions allowing to reveal the overall situation regarding the image of Armenian banks, the level of customer confidence in them, etc.

The results of the survey show that Top of Mind awareness indicator of VTB Bank (Armenia) is higher than of other Armenia-based banks' indicators.

The study says that VTB Bank (Armenia) was indicated by the majority of respondents as the most reliable bank in the country.

The bank was found also the leader in terms of the Marketing Asset Index (MA index). The bank is generally described as reliable and steady bank with high quality services and competent personnel.

The satisfaction rate is higher than any other bank in Armenia may boast of.

"We are very pleased that year after year, our brand is highly valued by consumers of banking services. To maintain the leading position we continue to improve or solutions in the field of marketing and PR, provide diverse products and offer good services,” the bank’s CEO, Yuri Gusev, was quoted as saying.

VTB Bank (Armenia) is the market leader by the number of issued international banking cards. It has its own processing center.

The bank's assets as of July 1, 2014 amounted to 312.5 billion drams, liabilities stood at 268.5 billion drams, credit investments – at 230.3 billion drams and capital – at about 44 billion drams.

VTB Bank Armenia is owned fully by Russian VTB Group. VTB Bank (Armenia) has 69 branches all over Armenia’s territory - the largest branch network in the country. -0-

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