New €10 started circulating on 23 September 2014

23.09.2014 14:58
New €10 started circulating on 23 September 2014

YEREVAN, September 23. /ARKA/. The Europa series of euro banknotes is being gradually introduced in the euro area over a number of years. The new €10 started circulating on 23 September 2014, the website of the European Central Bank reports.

“It’s essential that everyone who uses euro banknotes can continue to do so with complete confidence. That’s why we’re introducing the Europa series”, said Yves Mersch, the ECB’s Executive Board member responsible for banknotes.

Like the new €5, the new €10 has several enhanced security features as well as a fresh look. Its hologram and watermark include a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology. It also has an “emerald number”. When tilted, the shiny number displays an effect of the light that moves up and down, and also changes colour from emerald green to deep blue. With these features and others, the new €10 is very easy to check using the “feel, look and tilt” method, according to the report.

The €10 banknotes of the first series will continue to be issued in order to use up stocks. They will circulate alongside the Europa series €10 before being phased out later on and eventually ceasing to be legal tender. This change in their status will be announced well in advance. –0--

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