Ardshinbank joins best and converstransfer money transfer systems

09.04.2015 18:47
Ardshinbank joins best and converstransfer money transfer systems

YEREVAN, April 9. /ARKA/. On April 3, Ardshinbank offered two new money transfer systems to its clients – Best and ConversTransfer, which are served in the bank's 56 branches in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the bank's press office reports.

According to the press release, Best and ConversTransfer systems allow customers to send and receive money over CIS countries in US dollars, Euros and Russian rubles.

Due to a special agreement reached with the system Best it is possible to transfer money from Russian United National Bank LLC to Ardshinbank with 0% interest rate.

The press office says implementation of new systems and the ability to make transfers at preferential rates are designed to create additional facilities and meet the growing demand of the population toward financial products.

Receiving of the transfer is free of charge for Receiver and it is available immediately after the transfer has been made.

“By launching “Best” and “ConversTransfer” systems Ardshinbank collects all the leading systems in one place, serving 9 systems simultaneously - Avers, IntelExpress, Sigue, MoneyGram, Anelik, UniStream, Ria, Best and ConversTransfer, which also offer competitive prices and wide geography,” the press release says.

Ardshinbank CJSC (Ardshininvestbank before renamed Ardshinbank on November 13, 2014) was registered in February 2003. The bank is among leaders in Armenia’s banking sector for all general indicators and it enjoys Moody’s Ba3 rating with stable outlook.

Ardshinbank has 55 branches, one of the largest branch networks in the country.

The bank's assets totaled AMD 369.1 billion in 2014 (37% growth) and liabilities AMD 321.7 billion (42.8% growth).

Its total capital amounted to AMD 47.4 billion (7.4% growth) and loan portfolio AMD 220.1 billion (27.8% growth).

The bank's net profit amounted to AMD 4.2 billion in 2014 against AMD 6.4 billion in 2013. ($1 – AMD 474.99). --0--

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