Kamurj credit organization offers new “Affordable+” loan for home improvements

10.04.2015 15:50
Kamurj credit organization offers new “Affordable+” loan for home improvements

YEREVAN, April 10. /ARKA/. Kamurj universal credit organization is offering a new “Affordable +” loan for home improvements in Armenia, the company’s press office reported.

It is an unsecured loan worth up to $6,000 extended at affordable interest rates, according to the report.

The interest rate is 15.5%, and no monthly fee is required, head of marketing and PR at Kamurj Armen Arevyan said.

The new loan, like the others from Kamurj, offers a flexible schedule of payments. The loan is extended for up to 36 months, including a no-payment period of 18 months, Arevyan said.

Almost all loans from Kamurj, including “Affordable +”, are provided under soft terms for border settlements. The details are described on the company’s website, Arevyan said.

The head of marketing said he was confident the new loan would be widely demanded among the population.

Kamurj, one of the major credit organizations in Armenia was established in 2012 as a result of the reorganization. JSC Kamurj was founded as a charitable non-for-profit foundation in 2010 for development of micro business.

Assets of Kamurj universal credit organization amounted to about 15.7 billion drams in 2014, an increase of 47.9% compared to the beginning of the year. The liabilities were about 10 billion drams in the period (almost doubled from the beginning of the year), capital – 5.7 billion drams (5% growth) and loan investments were 13.5 billion drams (31.6% increase). Kamurj’s profit amounted to 425.2 million drams in 2014. ($1 – 475.55 drams). -0-

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