Anelik bank offers new dram deposit - ‘Anelik 25’

11.08.2015 19:24
Anelik bank offers new dram deposit - ‘Anelik 25’

YEREVAN, August 11. /ARKA/. Anelik Bank offers a new dram deposit, ‘Anelik 25’, as part of celebration of its 25th birthday, the press office of the bank reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the new deposit will allow depositors to avoid adverse impacts from foreign exchange rate fluctuations and to receive high interests.

Annual interest rates are up to 12% and minimum size of the deposit is 500,000 drams.
Hayk Mkrtchyan, the deputy chairman of Anelik Bank’s board, said the bank is constantly developing its instruments, among which deposits play a special part.

He said this deposit is very convenient for those clients who keep their savings in dollars and want to deposit them.

Mkrtchyan said ‘Anelik 25’ allows converting depositors’ savings into drams. Depositors should not fear their savings may devaluate, since compensation up to 25 drams is implied for possible devaluation of the national currency.

Anelik Bank established in 1990 is owned fully by Lebanese CreditBank S.A.L. The bank’s assets totaled AMD 87.8 billion in late June 2015 after growing 0.9% since the beginning of the year and liabilities grew 2% to AMD 74 billion. Its capital shrank 4.76% to AMD 13.7 billion and its loan portfolio grew 5.54% to AMD 61.8 billion. The bank ended the first half of this year in losses amounting to AMD 902.4 million. -----0-----

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