VTB Bank (Armenia) offers automatic charging off utility bills

11.09.2015 17:02
VTB Bank (Armenia) offers automatic charging off utility bills

YEREVAN, September 11. / ARKA /. VTB Bank (Armenia) said today its customers can now sign contracts for automatic payment of their utility bills (the money will be charged off from their bank accounts), saying also the new service will enable them to save time and avoid all the inconveniences that arise when they have to visit a bank office to pay monthly utility fees.

It said in a press release that customers who sign contracts will receive SMS-messages on the 12th day of each month with detailed information about the amount of their bills for all types of utilities and therefore they could verify in advance whether the money to be charged off is correct.

If a customer has to pay monthly utility bills for several apartments at the same time, he/she will be able not only to form a group of utility bills, but also to give specific names to each group (for example, "Home", "Parents", etc.) and then receive monthly information about the amount of debt for each apartment (group) via SMS-messages separately.

The bank said the contract enables customers to set the maximum limit for each type of utility payment.

Thus, the customer will be able to oversee the entire process of how utility payments are charged off.
Contracts can be signed at any branch of the bank. The cost of every SMS-message is 30 drams (including VAT).

VTB Bank (Armenia) is a subsidiary of Russian VTB Bank. As of late June 2015 its assets totaled 316.8 billion drams, a decline of 12.3% from the beginning of the year; its liabilities stood at 287.2 billion drams, a decline of 13% and its capital was worth 29.6 billion drams, a drop of 3.5% when compared to the beginning of the year. ($ 1 - 485.61 drams). -0-

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