Anelik Bank joins RIA Money Transfer system

20.01.2016 16:00
Anelik Bank joins RIA Money Transfer system

YEREVAN, January 20. /ARKA/. Anelik Bank CJSC has joined Ria Money Transfer system, the bank’s press office reported on Tuesday.

This will allow the bank’s clients to choose the most convenient way for transferring money.

This money transfer system allows transferring and receiving money in more than 147 countries without opening an account in the bank.

It is only necessary to show an identification document and indicate the name and surname of the recipient as well as the country, city and bank.

The recipient pays no commission fee and receives the entire amount of the sent money. The commission is paid by the sender. Its size depends on destination.

Commission fees for transfers to Russia, Ukraine and Georgia make up 2% of sums (minimum €4), to other CIS countries 2.5% (minimum €5) and to other countries 3% minimum (€6).

“Anelik Bank attaches importance to variety of its services and gives its clients an opportunity to choose from its products the most convenient for any particular transaction, and this principle applies also to money transfer systems,” Astkhik Martirosyan, the head of the bank’s press office, is quoted in the press release as saying.

She said Ria Money Transfer operates money transfers in US dollars and euros. The maximum sum of one transfer is 5,000 dollars or euros.


Anelik Bank established in 1990 is owned fully by Lebanese CreditBank S.A.L.

The bank’s 3rd Q 2015 assets totaled over AMD 90 billion (3.4% growth), its liabilities grew 5.5% to AMD 76.6 billion. Its capital shrank 4.76% to AMD 13.7 billion and its loan portfolio grew 5.54% to AMD 61.8 billion. The bank ended the third quarter of 2015 with losses amounting to AMD 1.2 billion against AMD 480.9 million in the same period a year before. ($1-AMD 485.87). ---0---

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