Armenia to host INFO 2016 financial ombudsmen’s annual meeting

26.01.2016 18:10
Armenia to host INFO 2016 financial ombudsmen’s annual meeting

YEREVAN, January 26. /ARKA/. Armenia is to host an annual session of INFO 2016, a worldwide association of financial services ombudsman schemes, Armenian Financial Ombudsman Piruz Sargsyan said on Monday.

The session will take place from September 18 to 21 in Yerevan.

In her words, Armenia’s financial ombudsman office became a full member of this network in 2099, and in 2015 the country applied for hosting the event.

“It is a great honor to us to host such an important event,” she said. “More than 100 representatives of financial ombudsmen’s offices from 60 countries are expected to attend it.”

Sargsyan also said that the assembly is financed by every participant independently. It means the expenses will be paid not by Armenia.

The first financial ombudsman office in the Commonwealth of Independent States was established in Armenia. It started functioning on January 24, 2008.

The aim of its activity is to protect rights of Armenian banks’ clients and to enhance public confidence in the country’s financial system. ---0---

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