Areximbank - Gazprombank Group offers 8 gifts to women

10.03.2016 17:18
Areximbank - Gazprombank Group offers 8 gifts to women

YEREVAN, March 10. /ARKA/. Areximbank - Gazprombank Group has launched a campaign called ‘8 Gifts by March 8’ on the occasion of women’s day, the press office of the bank reported on Wednesday.

All women and girls who will buy MasterCard Standard and/or MasterCard Gold plastic cards over a period between March 9 and April 7 will receive a set of eight gifts.

The set includes MasterCard Standard international plastic card without minimum required balance for one year, a one-year MasterCard Gold with a 75% discount without minimum required balance, 8.7% annual interest rate in Armenian drams to be added to balance on the card, a 50-percent discount for 75x310x435 deposit boxes for those who lease them for one year in the head office.

There are also opportunities to track banking transactions via Mobile Banking and to do the same through Internet Banking as well as discounts in the following service offices among the gifts in the package - Ani Boutique - 7%, Gold’s Gym (SPA) - 10%, Plato - 15%, Tibet - 10%, Pixel – up to 20% (accessories) 3-5% (technical gadgets) and Sacvoyage -5%.

Other gifts will be raffled for cardholders who will made the biggest number of purchases over a period between March 9 and May 5, and ten most active card users will receive a 8.7-percent Cash Back from the bank.

The gifts will be raffled in May 2016. MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold are available in all the service offices of Areximbank and details are available on the bank's website.

Areximbank – Gazprombank Group was established in 1998. The bank is a subsidiary of Russia's Gazprombank. --0----

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