ACBA TICKET mobile application put in use

27.05.2016 16:02
ACBA TICKET mobile application put in use

YEREVAN, May 27. /ARKA/. ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK has introduced ACBA Ticket free mobile application, the bank’s press office reported on Friday.

The application saves users’ time by allowing them to enjoy services in accordance with the indicated notes.

The mobile application can be used with registration or without it.

ACBA Ticket is designed for all sets based on iOS and Android.

The mobile application is available to all those wanting to have it, not only to the bank’s clients. It is necessary to be booked first and after that citizens may receive service in one of the bank’s branches in Yerevan.

The logic of the mobile application’s operation implies that clients choose a branch though the application and a service they want to have, point out date and time, come to the branch and receive service there in accordance with their notes. The number of coupon appears under letter M.

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank was established in 1995 as part of European Union’s TACIS program. In September 2006, France's Credit Agricole Group, investing a great deal in the bank's capital, became its biggest shareholder. ---0----

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