VTB Bank (Armenia) unveils new terms of Reso insurance package

24.06.2016 18:52
VTB Bank (Armenia) unveils new terms of Reso insurance package

YEREVAN, June 24. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) and RESO insurance company have unveiled today updated terms for buying of four types of insurance products. According to a VTB Bank (Armenia) press release, these products are specifically designed for customers of VTB Bank (Armenia),  using RESO services.

More precisely, the recoverable amount for a traffic accident-caused damage sustained to the vehicle is now 1.8 million dram, 10 million drams for an injured vehicle driver and 3.3 million drams for each passenger.
The recoverable amount envisaged by another extended agreement is 3 million drams for the damage caused to the vehicle and 18 million drams for injuries caused to people.

In the area of health insurance, one can pay 36,000 drams to have an unlimited number of laboratory and instrumental studies, consultations of doctors, as well as a second medical opinion and the opinion of foreign experts for one person. The recoverable amount is 4 million drams.

Insurance of immovable property along with equipment, furniture, etc against theft, burglary, fire or other incidents begins from 6,000 drams annually. The recoverable amount is up to 10 million drams.

According to the press release, to sign contracts customers of VTB Bank (Armenia) do not have to visit the office of the insurance company. They can visit one of the 65 branches of VTB Bank (Armenia) and buy the insurance product. VTB Bank (Armenia) was acquired by Russian VTB Group in 2004. -0-

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