Unibank’s common nominal stocks listed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia

28.06.2016 22:55
Unibank’s common nominal stocks listed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia

YEREVAN, June 28. /ARKA/. Common nominal stocks issued by UNIBANK OJSC were listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia on June 24 and included in the main stocks’ Abond list, the bank said today in a press release.

Earlier this month Unibank has successfully placed the entire issue of 50,000 USD-denominated nominal coupon bonds with annual yield of 8%. The Yerevan-based bank announced the placement of bonds with the face value of USD100 on April 8. The maturity term is 24 months with coupon profit payments to be made quarterly. The redemption of the bonds will be made on April 8, 2018.

Unibank said also it successfully continues the third issue of shares as a long-term investment tool. The bank plans to place a total of 12.2 million common shares with the total value of 2.8 billion drams. The face value of a share is 100 drams; the placement price is 230 drams. The minimum package of shares available for purchase is worth one million drams.

Unibank offers its shareholders a set of advantages, including special deposit rates- up to 8.2% for deposits in US dollars and up to 15.5% for deposits in Armenian drams, as well as free Visa Infinite cards, online banking, deposit boxes, around the clock concierge service and Priority Pass.

By offering investment instruments, the bank creates additional opportunities for profitable savings and long-term investment. A considerable interest of investors in Unibank’s shares and bonds indicates a high public trust in the bank's activities and effective and promising strategy, according to the press release. The bank plans to secure a profit of about 5 billion drams in 2020.

In the first quarter of 2016 Unibank recorded positive financial results in all major activities and continued increasing profits. The bank’s assets in the reporting period amounted to about 170 billion drams, liabilities – to 146 billion drams. The bank's deposit base increased by 11.6% to 125 billion drams. In the first quarter of this year Unibank secured a profit of 212 million drams. Unibank was the 41st in the list of 100 largest corporate taxpayers.

Apart from the head office Unibank runs today 46 branches and 54 promotional points servicing as many as 300,000 clients.

The paper version of the prospectus of the Bank with a brief description of its activities, financial standing, the shares offered for SPO and related risks is available at the head office of the bank and its branches, while the electronic version is available at the Bank's official website at www.unibank.am and corp.unibank.am.

Unibank was founded in October 2001. In 2002 it introduced Unistream system. Some 93.5% of its shares are held by Glovery Holding LTD.  ($1 – 475.94 drams). -0-

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