Unibank completes its transition to Protobase Laboratories’ ProtoCRM System

19.07.2016 18:43
Unibank completes its transition to Protobase Laboratories’ ProtoCRM System

YERЕVAN, July 19. /ARKA/. Unibank OJSC has completed its transition to Protobase Laboratories Company’s ProtoCRM system, which belongs to the new-generation CRM system, Mesrop Hakobyan, deputy chairman of the bank’s board and operational services and information systems director, told journalists on Tuesday.

Automation of the lending process allowed Unibank to assess solvency of borrowers and to compose the clients’ profiles based on its own statistical data without taking into account human factor in making decisions on lending.

The automated analysis of the loan portfolio contributes to formation of the base of high-quality borrowers, to enhancement of the quality of the credit portfolio and to reduction of the bank’s lending risks.

Consideration of loan applications in Unibank takes mo more than one minute.

Protobase Laboratories introduced CRM-based crediting system in Unibanks for the first time in 2013.

The bank has considered 720,000 requests for consumer loans since then, including more than 150,000 in 2016 alone.

The number of Unibank’s retail loans exceeded 200,000 in the second quarter of this year, Hakobyan said.

In his words, introduction of the modern CRM system will allow the bank to lessen expenses and, at the same time, to enhance the effectiveness of level of client servicing. This is the top priority for the retail bank.

“The flexible modular structure of the system enables the bank set all necessary attributes of products and availability conditions independently, ensuring optimization and automation of the essential processes of interaction with its clients,” Hakobyan said. “Using ProtoCRM, we react and cater for clients’ needs more effectively. As a rule, 50% of considered applications are upheld.”

Unibank is always making investments in information technology industry in tune with the growing volumes of the business.

Dynamic development of the retail segment, expansion of the bank’s branch network and constant introduction of advanced services and solutions lead to the necessity of building up capacity and ensuring stable operation of IT infrastructure in all business processes.

The clients should be sure that database is absolutely reliable and that it is secured properly.

That is why the bank has also embarked on another large project – creation of the Mobile Data-Processing Center.

The center is designed for placement of server and communication equipment and is able to hold and process large volumes of banking information. It is based on a comprehensive solution of Huawei, one of the biggest telecommunication companies. This is a universal information infrastructure, which is remarkable for its high reliability and security.

Unibank was established in 2001. In 2002, it introduced Unistream system. Glovery Holding LTD holds 93.5% of Unibank’s shares. In 2015, the bank was reorganized into an open joint stock company. ($1 – AMD 476.93). --0---

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