ARKA news agency releases fresh issue of “Credit Organizations of Armenia” quarterly bulletin

16.08.2016 18:01
ARKA news agency releases fresh issue of “Credit Organizations of Armenia” quarterly bulletin

YEREVAN, August 16. /ARKA/. ARKA News Agency has released a regular issue of its quarterly bulletin “Credit Organizations of Armenia” for the second quarter of 2016.  The bulletin is based on unified financial reports of crediting organizations, published in the Armenian newspapers.

It contains approximately 43 pages of tabulated material reflecting various indicators of credit organizations and consists of 11 sections: 1. General characteristics of credit organizations. 2. Assets. 3. Liabilities. 4. Capital. 5. Profit/Loss 6.. Statutory performance indicators of credit institutions. 7. Indicators of capital adequacy. 9. Statutory indicators of profitability and returns. 10. Summary of the activities of credit institutions (generalization). 11. Basic services of credit institutions.

The information contained in the bulletin allows to have an overall picture of the financial standing of credit institutions in Armenia and make a comparative analysis of their activities.

ARKA News Agency has been operating since May 1 of 1996 and specializes in financial, economic and political information. The agency began to release quarterly bulletin “Indicators of the activities of Armenian banks in 1999 and “Crediting organizations of Armenia” quarterly bulleting in March 2005.

Since May 2006 ARKA News Agency has been issuing “Financial indicators of banks” per the data of annual independent audits. Starting from July 2008, the agency has been issuing “Indicators of the activities of insurance companies of Armenia” quarterly bulletin. -0-

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