Gold buying price up 0.3% in Armenia

04.10.2016 15:34
Gold buying price up 0.3% in Armenia

YEREVAN, October 4. /ARKA/. The State Depository of Precious Stones and Metals Agency, an affiliation of Armenian Finance Ministry, has set new prices for government agencies to buy and sell precious stones and metals which were effective from September 26 to October 4.

The new prices are for one gram of chemically pure metals.

Gold was  to be bought at 18,553.89 drams (up 0.3% or by 52.45 drams from the previous period) and sold at 20,167.27 drams (up 0.3% or by 339.98 drams); silver was  to be bought at 272.64 drams (up 6.78 drams) and sold at 296.35 drams (up 7.37 drams); platinum was to be bought at 14,542.59 (up 11.66 drams) and sold at 15,807.16 drams (up 12.67 drams); palladium was  to be bought at 9,629.73 drams (up 416.06) and sold at 10,467.10 drams (up 452.24 drams) ($1- 474.34 drams).  --0----

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