The story about freedom fighter from Khndzoresk who became successful farmer

01.11.2016 17:54
The story about freedom fighter from Khndzoresk who became successful farmer

YEREVAN, November 1. /ARKA/. When gathering information for a story about Vahram Hovhannisyan, it turned out that this man is a patriot and a brave son of Armenia. It is somewhat difficult to present him- as a freedom fighter, or as a successful farmer. In any case, both sides of this man’s life are worthy of praise.

Vahram was wounded twice, and two splinters still remain in his chest, which made themselves known so strong that Vahram actually went to the other world and returned several times...

The wounded war veteran needs serious treatment, which is quite expensive. Therefore, Vahram Hovhannisyan took a certain amount from ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK for treatment in Germany. However, that amount was not enough, and he used the money to build a farm. And for 15 years, he has been a model borrower for ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

Vahram has been working on farm since he was in the 8th grade. His father was the driver of a harvest combine in the village, and of course, the boy was fond of agricultural machinery since his childhood. It is this love that has enabled him to succeed.

"The land needs to be cultivated. The land loves when it is counted. Only a slacker with several hectares of land can complain about life, "- says the farmer.

Vahram is an optimist. Despite the fact that the doctors gave him 2-3 months of life, he has lived more than 5 years and not as condemned, but as a full person who is always looking for a way out of difficulties and often finds it. The farmer and freedom fighter lives and works in one of the most beautiful villages of Goris - in Khndzoresk.

On his farm, Vahram Hovhannisyan has 20 cows (of which 12-13 milkers), 13 calves and 9 sows. Vahram believes in the efficiency of pig breeding. He sometimes notes that 60 hectares of his land are sown with grain, which he gathers by his own harvest combine. And this is also some income. The -freedom fighter and farmer is constantly in search of something new.

Construction of a new, more spacious piggery and a barn is still ongoing. Vahram Hovhannisyan read in Internet that one can process manure to get gas and was inspired by this. Now he intends to use this achievement of modern technology in his native Khndzoresk.

Vahram is sure that this project is feasible, because of his longtime partner ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK. -0--


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