ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK tells the story of a farmer from Kamaris with unconquerable will

10.11.2016 18:14
ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK tells the story of a farmer from Kamaris with unconquerable will

YEREVAN, November 10. /ARKA/. Kamo Khachatryan, a resident of Kamaris, a village, located on the western slopes of Geghama Mountains, has the reputation of a man of unconquerable will. He went many trials before becoming a role model for many. This man did not commit any miracle and neither found a pitcher with ancestors’ gold in the backyard. No, he simply worked, never shunning a job. For many years he traveled to Russia as a guest worker. Like thousands of his country fellows, Kamo Khachatryan naively thought he could save money by working abroad.

In 1993, Kamo Khachatryan became convinced that working abroad he could earn only his daily bread and resolve some of family’s minor concerns. Back home, he was to do something to earn his living. People around would buy land or cattle. Kamo turned to ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK for a loan. For justice sake, we should say that before that he managed to buy a few pigs. But as life showed, Kamo appeared unable to cope with them and abandoned the idea of supplying pork has and pigs for New Year's tables and shifted to cattle breeding. And he used the money taken from the bank for it.

Kamo does not remember now how many head of cattle he bought on credit. He only remembers that the cattle were local breeds and better adapted to rural conditions. Later, when Kamo was already a professional rancher, he increased his livestock. He knew that the breeding of sheep was also profitable. Today his farm is an established entity with 90 heads of cattle, of which 45 are dairy cows, 18 are bulls, and the rest are calves. He also has 30 sows, 50 sheep and 30 lambs. Kamo Khachatryan has also created jobs. Not only his wife and two sons, but also about a dozen villagers - milkmaids and herdsmen -are working at his farm.

Only 18 hectares of his 50 hectares of land are used as arable land under grain. The rest is used to grow hay as winter feed for his animals. Today Kamo Khachatryan plans to further increase the number of livestock. To do this, he's going to turn to ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK again as its long-term client.

Having read this story, do not think that Kamo Khachatryan’s live was void of difficulties. About two years ago he was forced to destroy 170 infected pigs. It could send into despair anyone, but not Kamo Khachatryan. Kamo did not give up; he just started working more vigorously and soon was able to offset the damage. Again his long-term partner- - ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK - came to assistance... On the western slopes of the Geghama Mountains in the village of Kamaris lives a man named Kamo Khachatryan, who knows how to work, live and be optimistic about life. -0-

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