Italian banker impressed by Armenian banking legislation

19.12.2016 13:30
Italian banker impressed by Armenian banking legislation

YEREVAN, December 19. /ARKA/. Antonio Fallico, president of Conoscere Eurasia Association and chairman of the board of Italy’s Banca Intesa, praised the banking legislation of Armenia.

"When I visited Armenia for the first time, I was greatly impressed by the legal framework it developed for Armenian banks, which in my opinion is the best in the region", - Fallico said to Novosti-Armenia news agency.

"I should say that it did not take us long to establish very good relationships with Armenian banks. I would say it occurred kind of instinctively, may be due to the history, traditions, for example, I can mention the Armenian community in Venice, - he said.

He added that Armenia, despite its small size, is a strategically important country for the region.

"Geopolitically, Armenia is a very important country. In terms of investment climate it has created favorable conditions. I think that Armenia can become a very important country, not only for the West but for the whole of the Eurasian Economic Union, particularly in terms of the processes that may occur in the coming 2-3 years in the Middle East ", - said Fallico.

He also reminded that Armenia has a common border with Iran, with which it has a close relationship. In addition, he said, the country has a lot of Italian companies.

"I want to draw attention to the great contribution made by Armenia to the development of digital technology," - said Fallico. -- 0--

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