Unibank makes money transfers via SWIFT system more affordable

12.01.2017 16:24
Unibank makes money transfers via SWIFT system more affordable

YEREVAN, January 12. /ARKA/. Prompted by the growing demand from its customers the Yerevan-based Unibank has announced today a special offer, designed to make money transfers via the SWIFT system to the most popular destinations more affordable.

"The international SWIFT money transfer system is one of the most popular systems in the world thanks to its reliability and convenience. The SWIFT system can be used to remit any amount of money from Armenia abroad and in the opposite direction, as well as pay for goods and services", Unibank said in a press release.

As part of this special offer Unibank has set a commission charge of 10,000 Armenian drams for money transfers via SWIFT system to Germany and China regardless of the amount of the remittance. The same rate will apply to money transfers of up to 50,000 euros to Austria, as well as up to 12,500 euros to France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Switzerland and China. The rate includes expenses of intermediary banks. The special offer will run until 31st of March, 2017, according to the press release.

Unibank is cooperating with leading global banks for the efficient operation of the SWIFT system, and providing its customers with the widest possible possibilities.

Thanks to a wide network of correspondent banks Unibank can carry out any international transaction and ensure the transfer of money to anywhere in the world.

"In 2015, Raiffeisen Bank International awarded Unibank the RBI STP Quality Awards for providing high quality SWIFT money transfers," the bank reminded.

Unibank was established in 2001. In 2002, it introduced Unistream system. Ripatonso Holding Limited is the key shareholder of Unibank. In 2015, the bank was reorganized into an open stock company. ($ 1 - AMD 485). -0-

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