Armenian national security service finds out fake banknotes

26.01.2017 13:05
Armenian national security service finds out fake banknotes

YEREVAN, January 26. /ARKA/. Armenia’s National Security Service has found out fake 10,000-dram banknotes in circulation, the press office of the agency reported on Wednesday.

It has become clear as a result of an investigation that the banknotes had been made by colored xeroxing.

To achieve maximum resemblance to the original, forgers added the metallic belts of 1,000-dram banknotes on fakes.

The fake banknotes were pawned off at different gasoline stations at nighttime in poor lighting.

The National Security Service is warning citizens against taking such banknotes. They should pay special attention to peculiar details, such as protective line and watermarks (see picture).

One offender has been tracked down charged with forgery.

Now other wrongdoers are being hunted.

People who mistakably took the forged banknotes may call the agency’s investigation division. Phone numbers: (010) 57 90 58 and (010) 57 98 44. --0--

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