Fourth ’Month of Personal Finance’ launched in Armenia

19.04.2017 19:03
Fourth ’Month of Personal Finance’ launched in Armenia

YEREVAN, April 19. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Central Bank and a number of other financial institutions have launched today the fourth “Month of Personal Finance" program, the goal of which, according to Central Bank Board member Armenak Darbinyan is to emphasize the importance of personal finance management and to raise the level of citizen financial literacy.

Darbinyan said the program includes a number of activities designed to help citizens raise their knowledge and skills in the financial sector. During the financial month, which will last until May 26, various topics will be presented to the citizens, including how to make efficient savings, how to plan revenues and expenses, how to avoid accumulation of debts, who to turn to for protection of their rights and how to avoid financial fraud.

The month includes also bus tour to financial institutions, to be conducted in cooperation with the Yerevan City Hall. Participants will visit banks, insurance companies, the office of the financial ombudsman, the Armenian Stock Exchange.

There will be also a series of open seminars that will be held at the Central Bank, as well as various contests of infographics, photographs and drawings.

In order to take part in the events, one should first get acquainted with their content on the website or on the Facebook or Twitter, then choose the most interesting topic and register.

The program is a joint effort of the Central Bank of Armenia, the Office of the Financial Ombudsman, the Deposit Insurance Fund, the Union of Banks of Armenia, the Association of Insurance Market Participants, the Yerevan City Administration, the Armenian Insurers' Bureau, the NASDAQ OMX Armenia Stock Exchange, banks and others.-0-

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