Unibank’s branches accepts payment for Lawyer 24 service

10.05.2017 16:07
Unibank’s branches accepts payment for Lawyer 24 service

YEREVAN, May 10. /ARKA/. The Yerevan-based Unibank said today that all its branches accept payments for the certificate of Lawyer 24 services. The Lawyer 24 is an annual subscription to legal advice. The 24-hour service is provided by the European Legal Services, including on weekends and holidays. A connection with a lawyer can be established anywhere in the world.

This service is provided to customers under different tariff plans, which include, in particular, oral and written legal advice, provision of regulations and instructions related to their drafting, discussion, legal advice on business activities, compilation of applications, requests, complaints and other documents.

Legal advice is provided remotely via telephone, e-mail and Skype. The minimum cost of the certificate for the service is 12,500 drams. The certificate is valid for one year. More detailed information about Lawyer 24 service can be obtained by visiting a branch of Unibank or by calling 59 55 55.

Unibank was established in 2001. In 2002, it introduced Unistream system. The principal shareholder of the bank is Ripatonso Holdings Ltd. In 2015, the bank was reorganized into an open joint stock company. ($ 1 - 484.77 drams). -0-

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