ARKA releases ‘Banks of Armenia’ bulletin for Q1, 2017

12.05.2017 18:44
ARKA releases ‘Banks of Armenia’ bulletin for Q1, 2017

YEREVAN, May 12. /ARKA/. ARKA news agency has released a new issue of its quarterly bulletin “Banks of Armenia” for the first quarter of 2017. The issue is based on banking organizations’ unified reports published in the press, as well as additional information provided by banks.

The bulletin consists of 70 pages of tabular information under the following main categories: 1. Description, 2. Assets, 3. Liabilities, 4. Capital, 5. Profits/Losses, 6. Cash Flows, 7. Liquidity and Capitalization, 8. Target risk levels and 9. Profitability.

The information gives an overall view of the financial status of Armenia’s banks and provides a tool for comparative analysis.

ARKA News Agency was founded on May 1, 1996, and specializes in financial, economic and political coverage. It started issuing its “Activity Indicators of Banks of Armenia” (‘Banks of Armenia’ today) in 1999. The agency released the first issue of its “Credit Organizations of Armenia” in March 2005 and that of Insurance Companies of Armenia in July 2008. -----0---

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