Kamurj credit organization unveils new Easy Loan

17.05.2017 18:39
Kamurj credit organization unveils new Easy Loan

YEREVAN, May 17. /ARKA/. Kamurj credit organization has unveiled today a new consumer "Easy Loan", saying it can be issued in 19 minutes. The loan amount is 150,000, 400,000 or 750,000 drams. To get it one has to show just a passport or an ID card and a social card. The loan is granted for a period of up to 24 months, of which 2 months may be preferential.

To get a loan in the amount of 150,000 drams the client should have a positive credit history, be a registered employee and present a passport / ID card and a social card.

A client can also seek a loan to the tune of 400,000 but together with a friend. The amount of the loan for two will be 400,000 drams. In this case, one of them may not have a credit history and not be registered employee.

To obtain a loan, one of the borrowers must satisfy the above requirements (positive credit history, passport / ID card, social card, registered employee). The third option offers the same conditions as the second one, but the loan amount is 750,000 drams.

Kamurj is one of the largest credit organizations operating in Armenia. It was founded by the Foundation for the Development of Microbusiness in 2010. The company in February 2012 was reorganized into cjsc Kamurj. -0-

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