Monetary base in Armenia drops by 8.6% in April

31.05.2017 16:09
Monetary base in Armenia drops by 8.6% in April

YEREVAN, May 31. / ARKA /. Armenia’s monetary base at the end of April 2017 stood at about 886.5 billion drams, having decreased by 8.6% over the previous month, according to the National Statistical Service, which cited preliminary data of the Central Bank.

It said also the amount of cash outside the Central Bank at the end of April amounted to about 431.9 billion drams (a decline of 0.3%).

Correspondent accounts in drams amounted to about 284.3 billion drams (a 10.8% decline), and in foreign currency to 159.4 billion drams (a 22% decline).

Net international reserves in April stood at about 544 billion drams (a 9.2% decline) and the purely internal assets in the reporting period were worth about 342.4 billion (a decline of 7.6%). ($ 1- 481.7 drams). -0-

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