Anelik Bank unveils new plastic discount cards for Armenian senior citizens

19.06.2017 21:52
Anelik Bank unveils new plastic discount cards  for Armenian senior citizens

YEREVAN, June 19. /ARKA/. Anelik Bank has unveiled today a special banking card designed for pensioners, which provide them with a number of discounts on medical services. According to Anelik Bank board chairman Nerses Karamanukyan, the new plastic card called "Caring", will be provided free of charge to all retired customers.

According to him, cardholders will be given a 5% discount on medicines by Alfa Farm and Gedeon Richter pharmacies, also a complete blood test and a blood insulin level check at Astghik Medical Center. They will also get discounts when signing insurance contracts with the bank’s partner agents.

Karamanukyan said that by paying from 5 to 18 thousand drams for insurance policy, the cardholder will be entitled to medical services to the tune from 500 thousand to 2 million drams. The pensioners will receive also 10% discount when having outpatient or inpatient treatment at the medical center.
Vardan Gevorgyan, Anelik Bank retail banking director, said the program was developed based on the needs of pensioners.

"Today, not all banks are ready to lend to persons of retirement age, and the "Caring " card will allow them to get a special loan product that was developed taking into account the demand in the market," Gevorgyan said.

According to him, pensioners (under the age of 70) will be able to receive loans up to 550,000 drams repayable within a 48-month period, and if they provide collateral , up to 3 million drams for a period of 60 months.

"In addition to discounts , cardholder-pensioners will also receive a 3% annual supplement on their card balances," Gevorgyan said.

Anelik Bank established in 1990, is now owned by FISTOCO LTD ( 59.7%) and CreditBank S.A.L ( 40.3%). ($ 1 - 481.77 drams). --0--


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