Converse bank unveils “summer” deposit offer

30.06.2017 10:20
Converse bank unveils “summer” deposit offer

YEREVAN, June 29. /ARKA/. As part of its earlier launched special offer, Converse Bank has unveiled today the “Summer” deposit offer that should be placed before September. The minimum amount is AMD 100 thousand, and the maturity period is 12 months. The bank said those who will do so will have the opportunities to take advantage of the bank’s interesting offers.

It said the annual nominal interest rate of the special offer is 10%, and in case of making it via Internet Banking system the rate is 10.5%. The interest amount for the whole maturity period of the deposit is paid at the time of making the deposit.

“Within the framework of the offer, the service of individual deposit boxes in “Kilikia” and “Nor Norq” "branches of Converse Bank will be provided at 50% discount from the standard tariff. Besides, the opportunity will be offered to get a credit card for an amount up to three-fold of the deposit amount”, the bank said in a press release.

The credit limit will be provided with the annual interest rate of 0%, with maximum maturity of 15 months, of which 3 months are the grace period. It means that loan repayment will begin from the fourth month of lending.

The credit limit can be used for the purpose of organizing summer vacation, within the framework of ConverseQvota campaign, in the Bank’s partner network.

“This is another advantageous offer of Converse Bank, which will enable the depositors to get income from their savings and, using lending services in parallel, to spend their summer vacation in the best conditions”, the bank said.

Detailed information on “Summer” deposit can be viewed by following the link, and those on ConverseQvota campaign and the partner network -

Converse Bank was registered in 1993. It is owned by an Argentinean Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian, who holds 80.94% of the stake, the Armenian Apostolic Church (5%) and HayPost Trust Management B.V. Company – 14.06%.-0-

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