Deposits at Armenia’s banks shrink in June

02.08.2017 17:25
Deposits at Armenia’s banks shrink in June

YEREVAN, August 2. /ARKA/. Deposits at Armenia’s banks totaled AMD 2 425.9 billion in late June 2017 after shrinking 0.3% over one month, the Central Bank of Armenia reports on its website.

They have grown 0.5% since the beginning of the year.

Residents’ deposits have grown 0.5% over June 2017 to AMD 1 826.7 billion, where deposits in drams amounted to AMD 766 billion after growing 2.1% and in foreign currencies to AMD 1 060.6 billion after shrinking 0.6%.

Nonresidents’ deposits reduced 2.7% to AMD 599.2 billion. ($1- AMD 478.61). --0----

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