Armenian Anelik Bank comments on revoking of Moscow-based Anelik. RU bank’s license

09.08.2017 17:44
Armenian Anelik Bank comments on revoking of Moscow-based Anelik. RU bank’s license

YEREVAN, August 9. /ARKA/. In a comment on a decision of the Central Bank of Russia to revoke the operating license of the Russia-based Anelik Ru Bank, the Armenian Anelik Bank said the Russian bank was founded as its subsidiary bank, but in 2012 it was sold and has not been its part since then.

It said also the decision of the Russian Central Bank to revoke the license of Anelik Ru bank is in no way connected with the operation of the Armenian Anelik Bank and does not affect the latter’s activities.
It said also the Armenian CJSC Anelik Bank and the Russian LLC Anelik.Ru bank are different legal entities with different shareholders. It also stressed that Anelik.Ru LLC ceased being a subsidiary bank of the Armenian Anelik Bank more than 5 years ago, retaining only part of its original name.

Besides, Anelik Bank CJSC has no relation to Anelik money transfer system, which was owned and operated by Anelik RU LLC. The Armenian Anelik Bank CJSC said also it is operating in the normal mode.

On August 9, the Central Bank of Russia revoked Anelik RU bank’s operating license ‘for numerous violations of the requirements of the legislation concerning fight against legalization (money laundering) of criminally obtained incomes and the financing of terrorism.’ It specified that the bank failed to provide complete and reliable reports to the authorized body concerning transactions which are subject to mandatory control.

The Russian Central Bank accused Anelik RU of being involved in dubious operations related to the withdrawal of money abroad and its cashing, as well as transit operations since the end of 2016.
Anelik RU commercial bank was established on the basis of a branch of Armenian Anelik Bank CJSC (Yerevan, Armenia) in 1990. It conducted all types of banking activities in Russia on the basis of license No. 3443 of December 4, 2003. On June 18, 2009 Anelik Bank CJSC (Yerevan, Armenia) became a subsidiary of Credit Bank SAL (Lebanon). The ultimate owner of LLC CB Anelik RU is Credit Bank S.A.L. (Lebanon).

The Armenian Anelik Bank CJSC was established on July 9, 1990, and registered on October 1, 1991. The Lebanese Credit Bank S.A.L. acquired its 51% stake in July 2009, becoming its major shareholder. In 2012, its stake grew to 89.95%, and in 2013 Credit Bank S.A.L acquired the total stake of Anelik Bank. Since 2016, it has two shareholders - FISTOCO LTD (59.7%) and CreditBank S.A.L. (40.3%.) -0-

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