VTB Bank (Armenia) attracting new time deposits with monthly interest payment

25.09.2017 13:08
VTB Bank (Armenia) attracting new time deposits with monthly interest payment

YEREVAN, September 25. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) has embarked on attracting from individuals ‘Beneficial’ and ‘Progress’ time deposits with the opportunity of monthly payment of interests, the bank’s press office reported on Monday.

According to the press release, annual interest rates are following: drams – up to 8.25%, US dollars – up to 2.4%, euros – up to 0.95% and Russian rubles – up to 4.5%.

The interests accumulated over one month are added to the deposits every month (30 days).

Deposits can be formalized for Armenia’s resident and nonresident individuals for the maximum term of 730 days.

If clients want, their interests can be sent to their international plastic Mastercard and Visa cards, which are provided to depositors as gift. Such depositors are exempted from paying service fees.

One can obtain additional information by visiting any of the bank’s branches or its website or by calling 87-87.

VTB Bank Armenia (Armenian Savings Bank before June 2006) joined VTB Group in April 2004. VTB, the second largest bank of Russia, holds 100% of shares of VTB Bank (Armenia). VTB Bank (Armenia) has 67 branches all over Armenia’s territory - the largest branch network in the country. VTB Bank (Armenia) is reckoned among leaders for general indicators. -0---

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