VTB Bank (Armenia) launching ‘Autumn Savings’ campaign

23.10.2017 17:42
VTB Bank (Armenia) launching ‘Autumn Savings’ campaign

YEREVAN, October 23. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) has a special offer for individuals who want to deposit money, the bank’s press office reported on Monday.

Starting from October 23, 2017 all those wanting to formalize ‘Beneficial’ and ‘Progressive’ deposits can do it on special conditions ‘Autumn Savings’ offered by the bank. The bank offers increased interest rates – up to 10% for deposits in Armenian drams and up to 3% for deposits in US dollars.

Depositors can take their deposit interests every month.

The offer is in force until December 25, 2017.

Resident and nonresident individuals can formalize ‘Beneficial’ and ‘Progressive’ deposits for a maximum term of 730 days.

‘Beneficial’ deposit’s yield is higher, but it doesn’t allow depositors to replenish their deposits or withdraw money from them during the contract term, while ‘Progressive’ allows clients to replenish their deposits for particular purposes and along with that to have their interests added to their balances.

As part of formalization the deposits mentioned above, VTB Bank (Armenia) provides VISA or MasterCard to depositors.

To receive detailed information about the offer one can visit the bank’s website www.vtb.am or call 87-87.

VTB Bank Armenia (Armenian Savings Bank before June 2006) joined VTB Group in April 2004. VTB, the second largest bank of Russia, holds 100% of shares of VTB Bank (Armenia). VTB Bank (Armenia) has 67 branches all over Armenia’s territory - the largest branch network in the country. VTB Bank (Armenia) is reckoned among leaders for general indicators. --0---

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