Armenian banks paid 31.7 billion drams in various taxes for 9 months

06.11.2017 17:49
Armenian banks paid 31.7 billion drams in various taxes for 9 months

YEREVAN, November 6. /АRКА / The list of Armenia’s 1000 largest corporate taxpayers for the first 9 months of 2017 includes all 17 commercial banks operating in the country that paid about 31.7 billion drams in various taxes, up from 28.2 billion drams paid for the same period in 2016, the State Revenue Committee said today.

It said of that amount 31.5 billion drams were collected by the tax authorities and about 216.5 million drams by the customs authorities. Also about 28.3 billion drams were direct taxes (income and payroll taxes) and about 1.7 billion drams were indirect taxes, including VAT and excise taxes. Also another 1.7 billion drams were other taxes, duties and mandatory payments.

The five leading banks by size of paid taxes were Ardshinbank - 3.9 billion drams (20th place), ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK - 3.3 billion drams (24th place), VTB Bank (Armenia) - about 3.29 billion drams (25th place), Ameriabank - 3.2 billion drams (26th place) and Armbusinessbank - 2.6 billion drams (36th place).

The list of the first hundred largest taxpayers included also Inecobank - 2.4 billion drams, Unibank - 2 billion drams, Anelik Bank - 1.9 billion drams, Converse Bank - 1.89 billion drams, ArmSwissbank - 1.52 billion drams, Araratbank - 1.4 billion drams and Armeconombank - 1.39 billion drams.

Overall, the country’s 1000 largest corporate taxpayers paid a total of 580.79 billion drams in various taxes for the first 9 months of 2017, a 10.6% or 55.8 billion drams growth from the year before. ($ 1 - 484.37 drams). -0-

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