Corporate bonds market rallying in Armenia

05.12.2017 16:34
Corporate bonds market rallying in Armenia

YEREVAN, December 5. /ARKA/. The amount of transactions with corporate bonds at NASDAQ OMX Armenia in Jan-Oct 2017 hit its record high, according to the stock exchange’s monthly reviews.

Their total amount was AMD 9.8 billion in Jan-Oct 2017, which is 2.6 times more than that of the same period a year before.

Corporate bond transactions totaled AMD 5.9 billion in 2016 and AMD 2 billion in 2015.

The 2009 result (AMD 7.8 billion) was closer to the present amount than that of other years.

According to the reports, February accounted for AMD 1 billion, July for AMD 1 billion, August for AMD 2.9 billion and September for AMD 1.4 billion.

Corporate bonds market is rallying mainly thanks to decrease in interest rates on deposits, since before high interest rates on deposits hobbled development of the market.

The downed interest rates on deposits spurred the corporate bonds market in Armenia and prompted financial organizations to issue more bonds.

Armenian banks and some credit organizations dominate the issuers

Financial organizations find it advantageous to attract lending resources from stock market, and investors find it beneficial to invest in bonds.

As many as 22 organizations have been listed at the stock exchange as of late October – 10 issuers of stocks and 11 issuers of bonds. ($1– AMD 484.21). -0---

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